torsdag 25. april 2013

Survey Premium Bypasser 2013 - Auto Update

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To Many People Here Think "OMG, FUCK YOU SURVEY"
Some Offers/Surveys its just to hard to do, or maybe you just are lazy?
After this one will you never need to do any survey agian.
You can start up "Free Service" , or take a few cent for bypass files for other people than dosnt have checked out this Blog yet.

This is a very simple tool that really dont need more than 5 sec to bypass.
1 Simple code can bypass anything! I have used this for 1 Year now, and never got any problem.
But i have Auto Update, so if it never stop working will they fix in short time.

Work Best With:
But will work with a few 1000s other Sucky PPD Scripts.

Here is my video to show you guys how fast it works!

Free Download!
Virus Scan!

First Version: 1.0.0 01/02/2011 - Last Updated: 12/12/2013